Public Hearing regarding utility rates in Town of Jonesboro set for Tuesday

A Public Hearing, in regard to Ordinance 2022-01 that will adjust utility rates over the next ten years, is set for 5:45pm on Tuesday, May 10th, at the Charles H. Garrett Community Center, located at 182 Industrial Drive in Jonesboro. The session will precede the regularly scheduled meeting of the Town of Jonesboro Board of Aldermen.

Following the call to order and public comments, Agenda items on tap for the regular session include:

1. Approval of Agenda
2. Approval of Minutes of April 12, 2022, regular meeting
3. Mayor’s update
4. Approval of April bills paid
5. Approval of April financials
6. Approval of March financials (tabled by Stringer)
7. Advertising for fuel bids
8. Ordinance 2022-001 – an ordinance adjusting utility rates
9. Introduction of Ordinance 2022-002 – Redistricting Board of Aldermen Districts
10. Introduction of Ordinance 2022-003; 2022-004; 2022-005 – 2022-2023 Budget
11. Advertising for appointment of official journal
12. CS Software purchase $8k/cloud contract $150.00/month
13. Zoning recommendation (Jan Circle) (Tabled by Stringer)
14. Appointment to Zoning Commission – Robert Hunter
15. Juneteenth Parade
16. Town’s Membership in One Call (811)
17. Jeff Glover – Jonesboro Senior Village
18. Police Department Hire – Sirena Jackson
19. Compliance Officer report
20. Department head reports (reports submitted to council in packets)
21. Council’s comments
22. Mayor’s comments

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