Village of Hodge to implement Burn Ban starting Wednesday, June 8th

The Village of Hodge has instituted a Burn Ban beginning on Wednesday, June 8th. The announcement was made by Hodge Mayor, Gerald Palmer at the Town Council meeting held on Tuesday. The ban will remain in effect until further notice.

After a Public Hearing was held where no comments were given Mayor Palmer opened the regular monthly meeting by introducing Martha Buchan as the appoinited interim Council member, replacing her husband, Wayne Buchan, who recently passed away. Her assignment will continue until the next general election, which is scheduled for Novermber, 2022.

Mayor Palmer then opened the floor for discussion on three items.

(1) Raising of rates for water, sewer and sanitation:
“It is my opinion that we as a town have no choice but to raise the utility rates,” said Palmer. “Everyone knows that everything has gone up in price. That includes what it costs to run the town. The price for chemicals for the water system has gone through the roof. The final decision belongs to the council but I am recommending that rates be increased by $20.00 a month in total.”

Current utility costs vs proposed costs for residents


Current Rate Per Month Proposed Rate Per Month INCREASE
$22.50 for first 3000 gals used $32.50 for 3000 gallons used $10.00
$5.00 for every 1000 gal more $5.00 for every 1000 gal more. 0


Current Rate Per Month Proposed Rate Per Month INCREASE
$12.00 $17.00 $5.00


Current Rate Per Month Proposed Rate Per Month INCREASE
$10.00 $15.00 $5.00

(2) Businesses in residential zoned areas:  

“There are several businesses that are being run out of homes. I don’t have a problem with it, but if we are going to allow this then the Council will have to rezone these areas as current zoning rules state that no business can be run in a residential zoned area.” said Palmer.

“My concern is that if a lot of traffic comes to these type of locations it could clutter up a neighborhood and possibly hurt property values for homeowners” said Councilman Steve Fox

“I think we would need to limit what type of businesses could be run from their homes,” said Councilperson Buchan who also asked about the requirement for these home based business in regard to sales tax reporting.

(3) Renting old Town Hall

“As the members of the council are aware we were getting $1000.00 per month from the person renting Town Hall. When Covid struck the renter abandoned the building but now is wanting to start renting again. I am proposing that we start renting this again at the same $1000.00 rate as before,” said Palmer.

The Council unanimously agreed and instructed Palmer to send a letter to the renter that she had been approved to begin renting the building again. 

In fianl action Hodge Chief of Police Travis Reed asked the Council to approve the  hiring of Anthony Dill as a full time Officer to which the Council agreed. 

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