David Womack resigns as Jackson Parish, District D, Justice of the Peace

After 15 years of serving Jackson Parish as the Districdt D Justice of the Peace, David Womack, has resigned his commission effective July 4th, 2022. Womack was granted a voluntary leave of absence by the state judicial system back in February after a charge of Non-Consensual Disclosure of a Private Image and Obscenity was brought against him. 

The Judiciary Commission did not oppose the request in the interest of obtaining an Order of Interim Disqualification expeditiously, given the inherent time delays in moving for interim disqualification without Womack’s consent.

Womack issued the following statement through Facebook on July 4th. 

As many of you know I took a voluntary leave of absence from my state given authority as Justice of the Peace back in February of this year. I am not going to further embarrass my kids or disparage any other party involved with the details, but in summary: This stemmed from pending charges that resulted in connection with my divorce. These charges stemmed from me transmitting screen shots of evidence (in the heat of the moment that I found them in.) Since then I have had a myriad of false allegations that I have had to debunk as well.
Unfortunately, in this day and time you can make false allegations about anyone with little to no consequences.
I took the leave so I could focus on putting that matter to bed. I have requested a speedy Trial by a Jury of my peers and now it is evident that is not going to happen.
Rather than tie the office up in limbo for the foreseeable future, Jackson Parish, District D deserves a Justice of the Peace full time.
That is why with a heavy heart, I picked today, America’s 246th birthday and my 15th year in community service, to resign my commission from the State.
No one has made me resign, nor was this part of any “deal” with anyone. This is on my own accord.
I want to stress that the Louisiana legal system that I have served all these years did not fail me, but rather people in the legal system failed me. Innocent until proven guilty is the way it goes, not the opposite.
Also, I maintain my story and that I did not do anything wrong and when I prove it I am going to shout it from the rooftops! The truth is never afraid of investigation!
Also, I will be petitioning the State Legislature to require crimes that have “intent” involved be investigated fully on both sides before an arrest is made. You can not determine a person’s intent from only one side of the story. That will help ensure people are charged correctly in the future and what happened to me will not happen to anyone else.
Happy 4th of July!
God save the State of Louisiana.


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