Jackson Parish ranks 43rd out of 50 parishes in COVID vaccination rates

The vaccine deployment in December 2020 signaled a turning point in the COVID-19 pandemic. By the end of May 2021, 40% of the U.S. population was fully vaccinated. As vaccination rates lagged over the summer, new surges of COVID-19 came. This included the Delta varient in the summer of 2021, and now Omicron, which comprises the majority of cases today in the United States.A

As of July 1, 2022 over one million COVID-19-related deaths and nearly 87.6 million COVID-19 cases have been reported according to Johns Hopkins University. Currently, 66.9% of the population is fully vaccinated, and 47.8% of vaccinated people have received booster doses.

Stackers of Louisiana has recently compiled a report from top to bottom of the vaccinaiton rates in each parish. The lists shows Jackson Parish ranking in the bottom of parishes who population has been vaccinated, checking in at a paltry 43rd our of the 50 reporting. More pertinent information shows:

 Population that is fully vaccinated: 43.2% (6,802 fully vaccinated)
— 19.9% lower vaccination rate than Louisiana
Cumulative deaths per 100k: 489 (77 total deaths)
— 30.7% more deaths per 100k residents than Louisiana
Cumulative cases per 100k: 26,963 (4,245 total cases)
— 2.4% more cases per 100k residents than Louisiana

West Carroll Parish ranks as the least vaccinated with only 40.9% of the population having taken the shots and has 62.8% more deaths than the statewide average. West Feliciana Parish reports 90% of the population vaccinated to lead the state and also shows 21.1% less deaths per the parish average across the state.

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