Jackson Parish under Burn Ban until further notice

A temporary burn ban for Jackson Parish has been declared until further notice due to the dry and tremendously hot weather conditions. According to reports, the burn ban went into effect on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, at 7 AM and will remain in place until further notice.

Excessive Heat Warning Issued

The Ark-La-Tex, including Jackson Parish remains under an excessive heat warming as the dome of high prossure that has squatted on the southern United States over the last couple of weeks continues to bring elevated temperatures to the area. 

Temperatures are expected to rise and stay around the 100 degree mark throughout the week with heat index figures reaching as high as 110 degrees.

Heat is one of the leading weather-related killers in the United States, resulting in hundreds of fatalities each year. Heat can be very taxing on the body; check out the heat related illnesses that can occur with even a short period of exposure. Everyone can be vulnerable to heat, but some more so than others. According to The Impacts Of Climate Change On Human Health In The United States: the following groups are particularly vulnerable to heat; check in with friends and relatives who fall in one of these populations, especially if they don’t have air conditioning.

(1) Young children and infants are particularly vulnerable to heat-related illness and death, as their bodies are less able to adapt to heat than are adults.
(2) Older adults, particularly those with pre existing diseases, take certain medications, are living alone or with limited mobility who are exposed to extreme heat can experience multiple adverse effects.
(3) People with chronic medical conditions are more likely to have a serious health problem during a heat wave than healthy people.
(4) Pregnant women are also at higher risk. Extreme heat events have been associated with adverse birth outcomes such as low birth weight, preterm birth, and infant mortality, as well as congenital cataracts.

It is NEVER safe to leave a child, disabled person or pet locked in a car, especially in the summer. If you have a toddler in your household, lock your cars, even in your own driveway. Kids play in cars or wander outside and get into a car and can die in 10 minutes! A reported 25 children died in hot cars in 2020.



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