Jonesboro Board of Aldermen to discuss pay raises for Public Works Dept. employees

To be or not to be. That is the question – AGAIN! Borrowing from the opening phrase of the William Shakespeare play, what is in question in this case, is whether or not the employees of the Jonesboro Public Works Street and Water Department will be given a pay raise. 

It is not the first time the topic has come up over the past several of months but even though there has been much discussion to the pro’s and con’s of the move, nothing has yet been done about it one way or the other. 

Per the agenda posted, once again, the Jonesboro Board of Aldermen will discuss and possibly finally make a decision on the disposition of this matter when they meet at 6:00pm on Tuesday, August 9th. The session will take place at the Charles H. Garrett Community Center, located at 182 Industrial Drive in Jonesboro. 

Board members Devin Flowers, Robbie Siadek, Pete Stringer, Nia Evans-Johnson and James Ginn, along with Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson will first focus on their attention on a settlement proposal that could possible bring to an end the Stringer vs Town of Jonesboro lawsuit. This will be done in Executive Session, meaning that everyone except those who have a direct interest in the suit will be asked to clear the room. 

Once the room is open to the public again, a vote by the board members to approve of the July bills and financials, as well as, Department Head reports will be taken up for discussion. This will be followed by the request by the Jonesboro Police Department to have Isreal Smith and Sirena Jackson’s employment status changed from part-time to full time. 

Before Mayor Thompson and Council members make their final comments a report by the Compliance Office and the Appointment of a Town Clerk will conclude the final agenda concerns. 

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) if you need special accomidations, please inform Town Hall prior to the meeting to make the necessary arrangements. 

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