Years ago, I created a festival. Some of the components for the festival existed for centuries; I simply combined them into one three-month festival. I am still seeking copywrite protection for my festival.

The name of my festival is New Hallowsthanksmas. It is a festival that begins in late October and runs through the college football championship game. The colors of the early festival are black and orange the colors for the later period of the festival are red and green. The festival concludes with the hanging of the purple, green and gold together and calling them “good.”

Wal-Mart is all on board with my holiday festival. I must confess to multiple trips to Wal-Mart this week. I am sure that it is some kind of –ism that drives me to that store more than once a week. On Monday I was in Wal-Mart and the aisle across from the condiments was filled with Halloween candy. There were some good deals on the candy. I noted a couple of favorites and resolved to return to score a sweet deal.

Last night I was again in Wal-Mart. The Halloween candy has morphed into Christmas candy. Same candy, located across from the condiments. Now here is the fun part. The Halloween candy located in the “soon to change to another season” section of the store is lower in price than the same candy in the new Christmas candy section. How can Halloween Milk Duds be less expensive than Christmas Milk Duds? Certainly, it must be related to the cost for orange and black ink verses red and green ink. The candy aisle did make me smile.

My heart is in festival mode. The festival is a prime time for eating and football. The other seasonal opportunity is the gathering of family and friends around those eating and football times. I hope you fully celebrate New Hallowsthanksmas. I have started celebrating the festival by listening to Christmas music.

New Hallowsthanksmas is fully in motion. My heart is filled with thanksgiving. I appreciate all the kind words you say about this little tome. I am so thankful to reside in North Louisiana again. My town of Gibsland has been demoted to a village. I have been promoted from town crier to village idiot. I am thankful for the freedoms we have as citizens. I rejoice that in Christ I have been set free from my sins and from the power of death. There is so much good that it takes a three-month festival to celebrate the blessings of life.

The writer of Proverbs opined, “A glad heart makes a happy face.” I hope during the New Hallowsthanksmas festival that your face gets happy! I will be watching for those happy faces. If your face can’t be happy because of circumstances, I invite you to a church on Sunday. We will talk about Jesus who came that we could have abundant life. Jesus loves a party. He is inviting you to party with His people during this festival time.

Don’t you love festivals?


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