Resident asks voters to keep Jonesboro in mind and heart

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Letter to the Editor:

Success is not measured by what one says or by one’s good intentions, it is measured by what one accomplishes and achieves. The town of Jonesboro, like many other small towns, is facing a time of uncertainty, growing inflation, rising demands, and dwindling resources, a time when the cost of goods and services are skyrocketing, problems of decaying water and sewer systems, (water lines are erupting on an ongoing basis), of an eroding tax base, loss of major retail stores, and a large population of citizens who are living at or below the national poverty level, all conditions which pose great challenges to governance.

The town of Jonesboro must continue to elect dedicated, seasoned, and proven leaders like Mayor Leslie Thompson, a leader who understands the challenges of investing in and using innovative technology to make the town smarter, more effective in the delivery of services, and building a clean energy economy to help cool our planet. Mayor Thompson is a leader who understands the need to create a dynamic workforce, to provide affordable housing for seniors and veterans, closing the educational gap which can foster upward mobility, fixing the town’s old and dilapidated infrastructure systems, exercising fiscal discipline that raises the level of services without raising taxes, achieving clean audits each fiscal year, improving public safety, and most of all having the creative genius and potential to increase economic development (business and job growth in the town for its citizens). However, these initiatives which promote good governance and excellence in service have been met with stern opposition and disapproval by town council members.

Citizens and voters, please, please wake up and pay attention, do not be seduced or duped by candidates and politicians, whose only intentions are to create division and strife, they have no substantive or creative ideas, plans, or agendas for moving the town forward in a positive direction. They talk about what they are going to do if elected and do so without producing any credible or realistic facts, data, or plan of action. Citizens of Jonesboro it is predicted that times are going to get rough. The town has no loose change on which to gamble. Responsible citizens lift up your eyes and scream to the top of your voices, enough is enough, time out for the constant bickering and infighting!

Now is not the time for those with faint hearts, feeble courage, weak commitment, selfish motive, and ambition. Nor is it the time for those who choose to traffic in hatemongering, distortion of the truth, perpetrating mass confusion, and seeking personal revenge. The political landscape in the town of Jonesboro is filled with individuals who cannot accept defeat and failure and are now attempting to stand in the way of progress in the town. What is needed most are strong leaders with a proven record of managing and making tough decisions regarding the use of the town’s limited resources.

The town of Jonesboro is desperately in need of credible ideas and solutions, ideas that not only sound good but ideas that are good and sound. The town cannot succeed with offers of cures that do not cure, promises that do not improve the quality of life, and solutions that do not solve problems and issues. Citizens deserve much more from candidates. They deserve to know how candidates will expand the revenue base for the town, what their plans are for recruiting new industry, pursuing grants to improve town roads and bridges, fixing the town’s aging infrastructure system, uncap the well located on the south side of town so that needed water can flow to the town. Citizens deserve to know what, if any plans, candidates have to meet the critical needs of the citizenry a, workable plan for eradicating drug trafficking, and gun violence that is growing in the town. Citizens are still waiting for plausible responses to their questions.

I ask a very simple thing of every eligible voter, on Tuesday, November 8th, go out and vote for Leslie C. Thompson. Let there be no excuse(s) for not casting your vote on November 8th. Vote as though your very life depended on the outcome of the election. Mayor Thompson has always had Jonesboro in his mind and heart. Next Tues November 8th, citizens will have an opportunity to demonstrate that they have kept Leslie C. Thompson in their minds and hearts and will not forget him. Mayor Thompson has been there for us, now it is our time to be there for him. Vote number 64 for Leslie Thompson.

Dr. Herbert Simmons, Jr.
Co-Founder, Greater North Louisiana Community Development Corporation











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