New Jackson Parish Jail getting closer to completion

In the early part of last summer when the initial stages of construction on the new Jackson Parish Detention Center began an optimistic projection was that it would be completed sometime around February or March of 2023. Now that the calendar has turned to the new year what was considered hopeful is looking more like a reality.

A recent drive by the site located just past Industrial Drive on Gansville Road in Jonesboro, or what is commonly referred to as Airport Road, shows that the outside of the building is basically complete and most of the security fencing is in place. The parking lot and sodding of the grounds remain to be done, as well as work on the inside but unless weather-related issues develop that should progress timely.

“I am still hoping that the new jail will be completed by the end of February and will be in operation in March,” said Jackson Parish Sheriff Andy Brown.

According to Brown, the facility will have the capacity to house 400 parish and state inmates and be a benefit not only to the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Department but to the entire parish as well.

“The jail will generate extra funding for the Sheriff’s department but also be advantageous for all of Jackson Parish. As we hope to put as many as 50 people to work, during this time of downward economy the added income earning potential will be tremendously beneficial for both local residents and businesses alike.” 

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