Volunteers step up for tornado victims

For every dark cloud there is a silver lining! If any good came out of the devastating effect of the tornado on Monday it was the demonstration of coming to the aid of their fellow man demonstrated by many local residents, organizations and business. The sight would warm your heart andt should make you proud and happy that you live in Jackson Parish.

By mid morning on Tuesday it was hard to get to the areas that were most stricken. That is because of the many volunteers that arrived to do what they could to help. Carrying everything from chainsaws to children on their hip because the only way they could help was to bring them with them, droves of friends, neighbors and simply those who wanted to help were on the scene.

A crescendo of chainsaws could be heard at every location where trees had fallen across houses and on the property as volunteers swarmed across the grounds. Folks with ladders climbed on shaky roofs to help place the “blue tarps” that were donated by the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office and women helped clean up houses in dissarary.  Local business’s did their part as well likeTraina’s Bakery who delivered cases and cases of waterand LP Saw Shop who sharpened chain saw blades at no charge but no one stepped up like Westrock Company and General Manager Eric Taylor.

Virtually every person in the Woodyard Division of Westrock came armed with chainsaws to help with the cleanup with Taylor also arranging for heavy equipment form the mill to be brought to the damaged locations. the caring GM also provided food brought from Southern Classic to feed anyone and everyone who was hungry.

Perhaps the overriding thought was as one volunteer, who wished to remain anonymous said, “All I could think of was how helpless I would feel if this had been me and my family who was going throug this. I had to try and do something.” 

The simple fact is that time and again over the years it has been proven that if one in Jackson Parish suffers from a calamity a scad of people will be in assistance. Call it a Parish Pride! It is one of the main reasons that Jackson Parish is a great place to call home. 

Notice of Assistance: 

Tarps avaiable: If your house has been damaged by the weather incident, tarps will be provided by the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office and can be picked up at the Charles H. Garrett Community Center located on 182 Industrial Drive. 

Clean up help provided: The Weston High School Baseball team will be helping with clean up on Wednesday and Thursday after school. If you or someone you know needs any help, please contact Weston High School at 31`8-259-9367.

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