Jackson Parish Youth Basketball League begins play Saturday

Let the games begin! And again! And again! And again, again!

Starting this Saturday, January 7th, the Jackson Parish Recreation Department Youth Basketball League (JPYBL) begins to play. By the time the season ends on February 25th, a whole lot of games will have been played. To be exact, there will be 184 of them.

Breaking it down even further, the eight age-group divisions that make up the JPYBL will play a combined 23 games every Saturday during January and February at gymnasiums on the campus of Jonesboro-Hodge Middle School (JHMS) and Jonesboro-Hodge High School (JHHS). Games are played from 9:00am through early afternoon. In all, around 300 young boys and girls from the ages of 5-14 will take part.

“I am very excited that we can offer the basketball league for our youth once again,” said Jackson Parish Recreation Department Director Tommy Smith. “I think it is awesome that we have so many boys and girls participating.”

Smith is also very appreciative of all who help make the league a continued success.

“I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate all the coaches who have volunteered their time to help our area kids. I also am thankful to all the parents for supporting our effort and to the administration of the schools who allow us to use their facilities.”

The locations where each age division plays are as follows:

J-H Middle School: 5-6 boys and girls, 7-8 girls, 7-8 boys
JHHS Girls Gym: 9-10 girls, 9-10 boys
JHHS Boys Gym: 11-13 girls, 11-12 boys, 13-14 boys

Teams in each age division:

5-6 B&G: Suns, Bucks, Lakers, Warriors, Bulls, Clippers
7-8 Girls: Stars, Aces, Sparks, Liberty
7-8 Boys: Celtics, Magic, Blazers, Grizzlies, Thunder, Hawks, Kings
9-10 Girls: Mystic, Fever, Sky
9-10 Boys: Raptors, Celtics, Grizzlies, Kings, Rockets
11-13 Girls: Sun, Dream, Lynx, Liberty, Wings
11-12 Boys: Lakers, Bulls, Bucks, Suns, Spurs, Mavericks
13-14 Boys: Celtics, Kings, Blazers, Heat, Magic

January 7th Schedule of Games:

Jonesboro-Hodge Middle School
9:00am Suns vs Bucks (5-6)
9:45am Lakers vs Warriors (5-6)
10:30am Bulls vs Clippers (5-6)
11:15am Stars vs Aces (7-8 girls)
12:00pm Sparks vs Liberty (7-8 girls)
12:45pm Celtics vs Magic (7-8 boys)
1:30pm Blazers vs Grizzlies (7-8 boys)
2:15pm Thunder vs Hawks (7-8 boys)
3:00pm Blazers vs Kings (7-8 boys)

JHHS Girls Gym
9:00am Mystic vs Fever (9-10 girls)
10:00am Raptors vs Celtics (9-10 boys)
11:00am Sky vs Fever (9-10 girls)
12:00pm Grizzlies vs Kings (9-10 boys)
1:00pm Raptors vs Rockets (9-10 boys)
2:00pm Sun vs Wings (11-13 girls)

JHHS Boys Gym
9:00am Lakers vs Bulls (11-12 boys)
9:45am Bucks vs Suns ((11-12 boys)
10:30am Spurs vs Mavericks (11-12 boys)
11:15am Sun vs Dream (11-13 girls)
12:00pm Lynx vs Liberty (11-13 girls)
12:45pm Celtics vs Kings (13-14 boys)
1:30pm Blazers vs Heat (13-14 boys)
2:15pm Celtics vs Magic (13-14 boys


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