I want you guys to know that my Pay-Pal and Amazon accounts are in dire need of me clicking on a link. These folks promise me that if I don’t click on the link, my accounts will be locked until the second coming of Jesus.

I want to tell the nice scammers that I don’t have a Pay-Pal account and I know my Amazon account is healthy because of all the ordering that is in process currently. When you have grandchildren you order gifts for every occasion, real or imaginary. It seems that Paw Paw has pulled ahead of Nana as the go to person for the grandchildren gift lists. We once wrote gift lists, today I get a FaceTime call with a grandson on the other end being adorable. Who can turn down that kind of request?

I suppose these people are in some place that is highly developed. I’ll bet they used Babble to practice their skills at sending scam messages. I do want to tell the scammers they need to practice harder. One dead giveaway these are not North Americans is their instructions for me to click on the link “bellow.”

Being a loudmouth myself I am familiar with the term bellow. Animals and people with big mouths are capable of bellowing. Am I to click on the link that in cyber space is “bellowing” at me? Or could they mean the more appropriate word “below.”

There are other grammatical errors that give these people away. They invite us to “recovery your account.” My account does not need recovery, it is working just fine.

I guess the thing that gripes me is that these scammers send me text messages at 5:30 a.m. Maybe they feel I will be more vulnerable at that time. I delete these messages and go on with my day.

I’ve very certain your Pay-Pal and Amazon accounts are safe. I do know that clicking the link either on your phone or in an email will not do anything but separate you from your hard earned money.

I figured I needed to warn you about these things. I warn people about stuff all the time. It is usually sweet and I try to be gentle, but sometimes people are the train on the tracks headed for a trainwreck.

Jesus told his people to “repent.” The word means turn around. We know when we need to do that. We have been scammed enough; we recognize when we are scamming ourselves. Take a new tact, try a new approach, or do something different because your life might be headed away from God.

I’ll talk about it all on Sunday, with no bellowing and high hopes for recovery in Christ.


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