JHHS hosts Gridiron Football Elite Camp

(Gridiron Football) The Gridiron Football staff made the trip to Jonesboro, Louisiana where Jonesboro Hodge High School hosted the third Elite Camp of 2023 this past Saturday.

Jonesboro Hodge High School head coach Terrance Blankenship raved about Gridiron Football giving an opportunity for players to showcase their talents while being promoted on a national scale.

“It’s great! I want to thank Andy, Jace, and the entire Gridiron Football staff for giving Jonesboro Hodge the opportunity to use our facility and showcase not only my kids, but kids from other areas that come out here. It will also give the kids the opportunity to follow Gridiron Football. It’s a great opportunity to earn an invite to the bowl game at the end of the season.” said Blankenship.

At the beginning of the camp, Gridiron Football CEO Andy Bryson gave the 32 campers a great pre-camp speech about what it means to come out on a Saturday morning during the offseason and to put the extra work in. He also talked about the mission of Gridiron Football and why the company does what it does, which is to help the younger generation of players excel and have an opportunity to not only play football in college, but to graduate.

In speaking of setting up players for success, the first part of the camp is the combine, and that first section gives campers experience in running the 40-yard dash, shuttle, and also in jumping the broad jump. The best college football players in the nation all have to participate in these three events for the NFL Combine so partaking in these events at an early age only gives them even more experience while doing them. All players had their 40’s and shuttle runs recorded and emailed to them so they can go back and coach themselves up so they can improve on those numbers the next time they participate in those events.

Starting with the 40-yard dash, eight players ran in the four second zone led by Center High School (TX) RB Kaden Dixon, who ran a 4.59. Other notable times included Jonesboro Hodge High School WR/CB Kalep Atkins (4.7) Two of the big guys ran an impressive 5.0/40 and Jonesboro Hodge High School OL/DL Ken’Wuan Atkins ran a 5.19 time in the 40 yard dash. 

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