JHHS Class of ’73 donates a Thousand Dollars to new Tiger Band

Remembering what it meant to them to be able to make music, the 1973 graduating class from Jonesboro-Hodge, who recently celebrated their 50th class reunion, has stepped up to ensure that today’s generation of JHHS students would be able to make music of their own. Talk about music to the ears! 

This was done through an incredible generous donation of $1000.00 on March 28th, to JHHS Band Director Trey Porchay by Class of ’73 representatives Randy Lafield and Rhonda Griffin. Talk about music to the ears! 

After years of non-existence the once proud Tiger Band is getting closer to being a reality once again thanks to gifts such as this. Fans of JHHS who wish to see students once again be able to pursue their interest in being in a band are encouraged to join the movement through donation of equipment or funds. 


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