Routine traffic stop in Hodge results in shocking developments


As result of patrolling one of the more heavily traveled highways in the state, there is hardly ever a day goes by that a Police Officer for the Village of Hodge doesn’t respond to a traffic violation. So when the radar in the unit sounded off indicating a motorist was speeding, it lent promise that the patrolman on duty would be just conducting a normal, run-of-the-mill, stop. Only it wasn’t!

Instead the result was the apprehension of one of the most notorious sought after suspected offenders of a violent crime in the state of Louisiana. 

According to the report on file with the Hodge Police Department, on May 5th a black SUV was clocked going through Hodge on Hwy 167 doing 58 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone. After pulling the vehicle over it was noticed by the Officer that there were three people in the auto.

Following text book procedure, the Officer retrieved identification from each and contacted the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office Dispatcher. Immediate response identified the driver as Jonrell Jones, with the advisement that his drivers license was suspended.

What was learned next was shocking!

Dispatch further advised that the passenger in the back seat, Shawnchez Lemar, had a warrant for his arrest on 12 counts of being a principal in a first degree murder attempt in East Baton Rouge Parish. 

Almost simultaneously, two Jackson Parish Sheriff Deputies arrived on the scene to assist in removing the occupants from the vehicle, resulting in the apprehension of the violent offender without incident. 

Hodge Mayor, Gerald Palmer, commended his Officer and the two JPSO Deputies for their pristine handling of the potentially explosive situation. 

“I am proud of the way our Officer conducted his duties and utilized his training,” said Palmer. “I also compliment the two JPSO Deputies that responded, as by all calmly performing their duties by the book, a very dangerous person was apprehended without incident.”


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