Jackson Parish Watershed Commission extends launch tags to 18 months

The Jackson Parish Watershed Commission has extended the life span of launch tags to 18 months. Annual tags now will run from June 2023 to December 2024. The extension was authorized in order to align tag dates with a fiscal year calendar. 

In additional action taken at the regularly scheduled monthly meeting held on June 15th, building permits were approved for building permits for: Jim Colvin, Michael Lowe, Coty Bradford, Charlie McCain, Jeremey Fontenot, Justin Reed, Ronnie Savage, Kenneth Harper & Dewayne Price.

Board members Kent Hightower, Gary Joynor, Jimmy Waggoner, Roy Barlow, Jerry Chestnut, and Wes Harvey also approved painting reflective lines down Ebenezer and Spillway ramps on Caney Lake, purchase No Parking signs for the spillway launch area and get an estimate for painting no parking lines from top of the levee to the parking area.


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