Southern-Edmonds Funeral Home celebrates Bill Staples heavenly birthday

He is gone but not forgotten! On August 2nd, the administration and staff of Southern-Edmonds Funeral Home celebrated the heavenly birthday and legacy of former Director “William “Bill” Staples, who passed away this past July 19th. 

On this special day, we celebrate the birthday of Bill Staples. We want to take a moment to remember and honor his memory. Though he is no longer with us, his spirit continues to live on in our hearts and in the legacy he left behind.

Bill touched our lives in more ways than we could have ever imagined. His generosity, kindness, and love continue to inspire us every day. We are eternally grateful for the wonderful years we had the privilege to spend with him.

Today, as we celebrate his 76th birthday, we also celebrate his legacy. His values, passions, and impact on the world continue to resonate with those he touched. His memory lives on through the love and compassion we share with others, as he did throughout his life.

On this day and every day, we carry his memory in our hearts and remember the love and joy he brought into our lives. Though we miss him dearly, we find solace in knowing that his spirit lives on, guiding and inspiring us in countless ways.

Happy birthday, Bill Staples.

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