5 thoughts on “Jackson Parish School District asks for your comments

  1. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! It’s absolutely 110% ridiculous! Our kids shouldn’t be treated this way! Our kids correct??? Not the school bored, not the government, but OUR?!! This is the land of the FREE we are not slaves nor our kids!!!

    Allow and expect teachers to teach their content! Respect their time for the purposes of planning and instruction. Teachers should not be required to use time for anything other than teaching and planning.
    Create schoolwide behavioral expectations that enhance the safety and achievement of all students. Communicate behavioral expectations to students and parents and guardians. Consistently reinforce those expectations. Develop school cultures across the parish that prioritize and facilitate teaching and learning.

  3. The very first Covid virus came thru and killed many of our friends. Let us not be forgetful. The current Covid is generally flu like or maybe even less virulent. No mask is needed, let the child get the Covid, get over it and build immunity. Now, if another potent strain comes thru then remember that a simple surgical mask catches about 50% of viral agents and a well fitting N95 stops the vast majority of viral contagen. If you visit the health compromised in the NH be – others minded – and put on a mask. Here is my testimony to all who read this, if another lethal Covid comes thru I will put on a mask in public places. If a 1918 flu comes thru I will wear a mask. Think twice before you say “no mask”. The simple little surgical mask just might save your life.

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