Jackson Parish Police Jury makes personnel decisions at monthly meeting

Personnel decisions garnered a lion share of the agenda that the Jackson Parish Police Jury handled at the October 17th regularly scheduled meeting held at the Charles H. Garrett Community Center. 

In additional business the Veterans Committee report and recommendations were approved as were management reports given by Brad Roller (Operations), Wayne Anderson (Road Dept.) and Robin Sessions (Solid Waste Dept.) Emmett Gibbs also provided a financial review before Paul Riley of Riley Company gave the engineering report and consideration was given on the 2023 Road Program. 

The annual Bridge Certification and official listing of Off System Bridges, advertisement for 2024 material bids and approval of quotes were also granted by the panel of Todd Culpepper (President), Lewis Chatham, Amy Magee, John McCarty, Tarneshala Cowans, Regina Rowe and Keith Burris.

In final action the 2024 budget for the Jackson Parish Recreation District was approved and parish board appointment was made. 

Action Taken by Jackson Parish Police Jury 

1. Adopted the minutes of the September 19, 2023, Regular Police Jury Meeting and September 29, 2023, and October 4, 2023, Special Called Police Jury Meetings, paid monthly purchase orders, and paid all bills.
2. Adopted the minutes of the October 11, 2023, Veterans Committee meeting.
3. Approved the Veterans Committee’s recommendation to accept the quote of $2,475 from Sista’ Catering for Veterans Day Program brunch.
4. Approved Operations Manager Report – Mr. Brad Roller
5. Approved Road Superintendent Report – Mr. Wayne Anderson
a. Accepted the Emergency/Off-Schedule Report
6. Approved Solid Waste Superintendent Report – Mr. Robin Sessions
7. Approved Financial Review recommendations given by Mr. Emmett Gibbs
a. Separation of Duties – Someone other than the employee that produces the checks and the employee that signs the checks needs to prepare the checks for mailing and mail them.
b.  Comply with 2 CFR section 180.995, all purchase orders must include a verification
that the vendor is not suspended, debarred, or otherwise excluded from participating in the covered transaction.
8. Approved Engineering Report – Mr. Paul Riley, The Riley Co. of Louisiana
9. Approved final Change order for 2023 Road Program – Contract II.
10. Approved Substantial Completion for 2023 Road Program – Contract II.
11.  Hired Riley Company for LCDBG fiscal year 2024 and 2025 Projects.
12. Approved the Annual Parish Transportation Fund Certification. 
13. Approved the Annual Bridge Certification and authorized the President
to sign the “Official Listing of Off-System Bridges” report for 2023. 
14. Authorized the advertisement for 2024 materials bids.
15. Approved the quotes from Trevor Hall for power washing the Weston and Chatham bin sites.
16. Approved moving the following employees to permanent employment
status at conclusion of their 60-day probationary period: Charles Robertson on 10/4,
Sherrill Malone on 10/31, James Lester on 11/16, and Eric Coleman on 11/16.
17. Hired Halee Whitman Siddon as fulltime clerk at the Health Unit.
18. Rehired Jody Terral as General Laborer at Road Department.
19. Hired Thomas Ray Allen for Operator II position at the Road Department.
20. Hired Kailyn Alyce Hartis as Administrative Clerk at the Administrative Office.
21. Approved the 2024 budget for Jackson Parish Recreation District.
22. Acted on Parish Board Appointments.

JPPJ holds Special Session on Tuesday, October 24th

A Special Called meeting was held at 12:00 (noon) in the Nathaniel Zeno Jr. Meeting Room of the Jackson Jackson Parish Administrative Building, located at 160 Industrial Drive in Jonesboro. The reason for the special session was so that Jury members could act on amending FMLA policy regarding police jury’s payment of health insurance during the period of time on FMLA leave.

JPPJ Finance Committee discuss 2024 Budget

The Jackson Parish Police Jury Finance Committee held their regularly scheduled monthly meeting at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, October 24th. Chairman Todd Culpepper, Amy Magee and John McCarty discussed the 2024 budget and made recommendations to be presented at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the JPPJ in November. 


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