Police Jury refuses to act on Solid Waste Dept. Superintendent’s recommendations

Board members refused to act on the proposal presented by Solid Waste Department Superintendent, Robin Sessions, who recommended specific charges be levied for landfill and /or transfer station site usage by residents and municipalities alike. Instead, after much discussion it was agreed to table the two propositions that would have imposed a flat fee of $25.00 to residents for landfill usage and a $45.00 per ton fee for any entity that uses the transfer station or landfill, INCLUDING municipalities. 

“I would like to see more information before we just jump in and start setting rates as I want to learn more about what neighboring parishes are doing,” said District 6 representative Regina Rowe. 

District 1 representative Todd Culpepper echoed his agreement to table any action at present but cautioned that he wanted to see something on the agenda to get this issue resolved by the next meeting.

I agree we need to investigate a little more about what rates we need to charge so we can clearly let our parish residents know this why the cost is what it is,” said Culpepper. “Still I want to make sure that this or something like this proposal is back on the agenda next month as we need to do something immediately.” 

The meeting that also found Lewis Chatham (District 2), President Amy Magee (District 3), John McCartney (District 4), Tarneshala Cowens (District 5) and Lynn Treadway (District 7) in attendance began with several public comments. Two were in regard to the solid waste situation while Floyd Knox, director of the Jackson Parish Library gave a historical background of the relation had between the library and the JPPJ and asked that the panel consider the long history of partnering together for the benefit of all residents. 

Sarah Dark followed by asking the Jury members to bring back up for a vote a proposition that received no support previously to get prices from third party vendors to service the various bin sites across the parish. Linda Devine then asked for clarification on why bin sites at Womack/Zoar roads and on Hwy 146, that were previously said to be just waiting on the land to be retained have still not been put in place. 

In further action the panel members adopted two Resolutions, one procurement policy and a citizen participation play in regards to  Louisiana Community Development Block Grants (LCDBG). The resignation of Lavelle Smith and appointment of Gary Joiner to the Watershed Board and appointment of Tommy Gunter to the Tourism Board was acted on as well as the approval to consolidate two Operator I positions into one Operator II position that will be filled by James Holland.

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