Demolition of former LPL building give Jonesboro new skyline

It doesn’t matter which direction you are traveling along 1st street in Jonesboro, when you come to where the old Louisiana Power and Light facility once stood you get a whole new perspective of what is around you. Using the termimology of “once stood” is the the correct way to describe the surroundings now as nothing is left of the former hulking structure that had fallen into decay and ruin.

Instead is a leveled area of demolition that once complete will be not only asthetically pleasing to the eye but an area that can once again be a vital part of the downtown area in Jonesboro. Just exactly what are the plans for the site? 

“We are examing a wide variety of options at present,” said Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson. “There is nothing definate set altough several recommendations are quite appealing. We will address that when the time is right but the main concern for us now is the continuationi of the beautification of downtown Jonesboro and to remove this unsighlty and dangerous building from the landscape.”

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