Museum Board discusses improvements to facility

After months of working to improve the looks inside the Jackson Parish Museum and Fine Arts facility the Museum Board turned their attention to the outside at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting held on February 21st. 

The session opened with President Johnson informing the board that a tour bus would be visiting the Museum on April 20th. In corresponding action members Melinda Garrett, James Fitzpatrick, Mark Culpepper, President Barbara Johnson, Wilda Smith and Mary Hoover agreed to purchase welcoming gifts for the visitors, not to exceed $150.00 in cost. 

Discussion followed about the, soon to be expected, placement of the new welcoming sign (shown above) that is being provided by Sign Design. Ideas for additional improvements to the outside of the Museum were then brought up. Included was landscaping, installing a glass door on the porch side entrance, stones to fill an area where water is dripping from the roof, caulking to go around the front door, a cover for the door jamb and a sign to indicate entrance to Museum. 

The placement of a flyer about the Museum in local businesses, churches and the Jackson Parish Library was then approved. 




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