Jackson Parish Schools show improvement in test scores for second straight year

For the second straight year the Jackson Parish School District (JPSD) have shown an improvement in district and state test scores. The information was presented to the Jackson Parish School Board during their regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Monday by Amy Hay, JPSD Accountability and Assesment Coordinator. Additionally, Jackson Parish Schools had a 100% participation rate.

The data is compiled  from 2021-2022 LEAP 2025 Assessment results combining English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Additionally, Jackson Parish Schools had a 100% participation rate. at the five schools that participated, Jonesboro-Hodge High School, Weston High School, Quitman High School, Jonesboro-Hodge Middle School and Jonesboro-Hodge Elementary School. 

“Last year our school district was the only one that showed growth in testing scores,” sadi Hay. “To show an increase again proves that we are doing the right things.”

Jackson Parish School Superintendent David Claxton echoed those sentiments. 

“It must be remembered that this testing data was compiled while we were still having students being sent home for 10 days due to the Covid pandemic,” reflected Claxton. “To show improvement again is a testament of our administration, school faculty and students doing a great job.”

Board members Gerry Mims, Ricky McBride, Dennis Clary, Calvin “Bart” Waggoner, Gloria Davis and Wade McBride also heard from special guest speaker Carmecia Kimble. Mary Saulters was absent. 

Kimble, who has an Optometry  background, informed the board on the damage being caused to the eyes of young people by what is referred to as “Blue Light” in Chrome books.  She also asked the panel to consider providing protective shields for all Chrome books provided by the JPSB.

“Testing has shown that Blue Light causes vision problems in young people and accelerates glaucoma, cateracts and other vision issues,” said Kimble.

The panel thanked Kimble for brining this matter to their attention and agreed to consider her request. They then turned to IT Specialist, Bill Jones, for his opinion on the matter. Jones stated that of the problems associated with “blue light,” it is shown that 75% of the problems are among young people compared to 25% in older adults.

“As younger people’s eyes are still developing the “blue light” has shown to have the potential to cause more damage,” said Jones.

When asked what measures could be immediately taken to alleviate this problem, Jones, informed the panel that each Chromebook provided by the JPSD has a “night mode” option that can be turned on to reduce the blue light. 

“Turning on the “night mode” will help,” said Jones. who also recommended an additional measure of safety that all parents need to monitor with their children. “What causes the most problems is the usage by young people late in the evening. The worst thing a parent can do is allow their children to use electronic devices right up to the time they go to bed.”

In addtional business the panel adopted the minutes of the September meetings and approved the following recommendations made by the Executive/Finance, Building/Grounds and Policy Committees.

1. Payment of General Fund bills in the amount of $3,411,435.78
2. Payment of Federal Program bills in the amount of $1,269,124.61
3. Payment of Food Service bills in the amount of $184,365.27
4. Payment of Sales Tax bills in the amount of $1,035,012.88
5. Payment of Special Education Fund bills in the amount of $109,793.12
6. Payment of District Maintenance bills in the amount of $185,003.38
7. Hire two Paraprofessionals for the 9th Grade Academy at Jonesboro-Hodge High School, to be paid from ESSER III Incentive.
8. Table the decision to accept low quote of $77,775.00 from Morse Covers Inc. for an aluminum walkway at Weston High School, to be paid from ESSERS II until more information can be gathered.
9. Accept low quote of $29,790.00 from Hahn Enterprises, Inc. for the material and labor to replace playground equipment at Weston High School, to be paid from Weston District Funds.
10. Accept low quote of $110,214.00 from Palomar Modular Buildings for a new 24X64 Double Classrooms, manufactured and delivered to Weston High School, to be paid from ESSERS II
11. Adopt a revision in the following policies:
GBN – Dismissal of Employees
GBRID – Military Leave
GBRIB – Sick Leave
IDDFA – Special Education Advisory Council
JGCE – Child Abuse
JBCE – Public School Choice
12. Adopt the following new policies:
LEH – Patriotic Organizations
IDDFC – Cameras in Special Education Classrooms

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