Gloria Davis seeks re-election to School Board in District 5

(Paid for by the campaign to elect Gloria Davis)

To the citizens of Jackson Parish, I Gloria C. Davis, am seeking a second term for Jackson Parish School Board member for District 5. As a current member, it has also been an honor for me to serve as President of the School Board.

I have always been concerned about all of our children, have long strived for positive and workable solutions and have a genuine interest in improving our public schools. I remain committed to academically strengthening our students and rebuilding our schools stronger than before the pandemic. I need your support to continue these important efforts for our students, parents, teachers and members of the educational communities.

Since my tenure on the School Board, we have provided our schools with some much needed physical, financial and human resource additions. Some or these resources include, but not limited to:
Remodeling of the Jonesboro-Hodge High School Auditorium
Replacement of seats in the JHHS boys gymnasium
Purchase of computers for the Freshman Academy Business Lab
Installed lighting for the baseball and softball fields at Quitman High School
Approved funding for the acquisition of wheelchair ramps and handicap lifts for all schools
Purchased additional student Chromebooks
Provided cafeteria replacement equipment and roofs for all schools
Provided one time stipends of $2,000.00 for certified teachers and $1,000.00 for non-certified employees
Provided tuition payments for high school students enrolled in dual programs

I invite you to get involved. Your vote in this upcoming school board election will shape the Board and help to address the needs of our students, parents and school employees. Your vote will allow me to continue serving and make the educational difference. I, again, ask for your support.
Re-elect Gloria C. Davis, Jackson Parish School Board Member for District 5
VOTE #60 on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

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