I married in December and survived the gift giving that first Christmas as a husband. The following July was the first birthday celebration for my bride with me in charge of gifts. There was great pressure to give the perfect gift to express my love and devotion.

She hinted about perfume and jewelry.

Her hints were clear and strong.

Still today when she really wants something she will pick up the object at least three times. I follow her closely at Lowe’s and keep an eye on the things she picks up or touches. She’s not touching the grill I want for Father’s Day, but I’m not giving up hope.

I was unaware of the three touch phenomenon until the sixth year of marriage.

I didn’t know in our first summer of marriage about her ways of hinting. I was at a loss for an appropriate birthday present. The date of her birthday neared. I purchased the cake. I purchased and had the kids sign appropriate cards for her. I purchased her gift. When your wife wants perfume or jewelry there are all sorts of creative and husband-point-winning choices.

I chose a weed-eater.

She was speechless. It was a green electric weed eater. A family legend was born.

I was reminded of that disaster as Mother’s Day approached. I am exempt from gift-giving on Mother’s Day. I have invoked the “you are not my mother” rule, which applies to husbands that have children old enough to pick out and purchase any Mother’s Day gift necessary.

I have not checked on all the gifts that were given and received last Sunday, but I know about some of them. A member of the church has requested a waffle iron for quite a while. I can understand that desire. A waffle iron is a mysterious kitchen appliance. Waffles are consistently yummy.

She didn’t receive the desired waffle iron, she received jewelry. The jewelry is beautiful and she is grateful. She wanted a waffle iron. She has asked for a Mother’s Day waffle iron for three years and for three years has received the most exquisite jewelry.

Her husband obviously knows the first rule of husband gift giving, no small appliances.

One of the early followers of Jesus wrote, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father.”

God gave the perfect gift in the person of His son Jesus. Jesus offers us the hope of a second chance and a new beginning.

He offers forgiveness, even for giving lousy gifts!

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