OPPORTUNITY: Outpatient Medical Center

Outpatient Medical Center (Natchitoches Headquarters) is looking for a fulltime CFO to join our leadership team and report to our CEO and Board of Directors. The CFO is responsible for fulfilling all financial and collections priorities/requirements of the organization and to effectively manage and direct assigned staff. Must be willing to join a new leadership team and continue improvements initiated over the past two years – necessary to rebuild an organization once seriously threatened financially.

A successful candidate will not only be knowledgeable but also an excellent communicator with the ability to clearly explain fiscal and budgetary matters to executives and policy-makers. Must be exceptionally organized, assure accuracy of reports and tasks, and meet deadlines in a proactive manner. A successful candidate will have a record of highly responsible CFO experience in a healthcare setting, managing and accounting for multiple grants and revenue sources. OMC will also consider progressively responsible candidates who have extensive FQHC experience with audits, budgeting, management reports, accounting, billing, and supervision.

Resumes are being accepted by email to hr@outpatientmedical.org. Confidential inquires may be made to the CEO, Dr. Mark Guidry, at 318-357-2055.

Help Wanted, Business Services, Public Notices

To have your job opportunities, business services or items you have for sale listed or any Legal/Public Notices, Advertisements for Bid, Requests for Proposals and/or Quotes listed – send email to: jpjjacksonla@gmail.com

Help Wanted

Medical- L.P.N.s – $34.24/Hr. L.P.N.s are needed for LTC and Veteran’s care units in Jackson, LA. There is full-time scheduling available. 12-hour shifts are being offered. Fully employer-paid medical and dental. 401(k) with 6% employer contribution and immediate vesting. Call Genna at Worldwide Travel Staffing, 920-618-3939

Jackson Parish School Board – Multiple openings ranging from teaching positions, school nurse, bus drivers and paraprofessionals. To learn more contact the Jackson Parish School Board office at 318-259-4456. 

Boundary Solutions Inc. – Looking to hire an experienced, or trainable, Rodman. Previous experience as a draftsman is highly desired, but not required. The ideal candidate will play a key role in supporting the day-to-day tasks of survey projects, while working as a member of the survey crew, under the company’s Party Chief. This is a temporary to possible permanent position. For more information, please contact 318.259.2900. Interested candidates may email their resume to: boundary.pls@gmail.com

Crawfish Basket – Lookiing for reliable, energetic and courteous staff member to join our team. If this sounds like you, message us on Facebook. 

Business Services

pipes swimmingSwimming Lessons / Water Aerobics: Limited spaces available. Certified Instructor that gives one on one attention. To sign up call Pamela Pipes at 318-533-2983


Quality Electrical & Controls Service: Over 60 years of combined Licensed and Certified experience in Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Control Panels, Electrical, HVAC and Inspections service. Located at 5039 Hwy 4 East, Jonesboro, LA. Contact: Billy Earl Wilhite: (318) 475-2403 or Richard Andrews: (318) 475-5136.  

dirt cheapDirt Cheap Lawn Care, LLC: Licensed and Insured! Any type of lawn care work done at reasonable prices. For quotes or to schedule service call Owner – David Hammock at 318-533-7133 or go by 209 Talbot Street, Jonesboro, LA. “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good!”

Harris Yard Beautification Service: For all your lawn and landscaping needs contact Greg Harris at (318) 245-2349. Free estimates and professional service guaranteed. Based out of Chatham. 

Robinson Lawn Care: For all your residential or commercial lawn and landscaping. Fast and courteous service with professional results. Call Klint Robinson at 318-548-3038. Free estimates. 

For Sale:

Book – “100 year history of JHHS football” 

jh bookA year-by-year description of the first 100 years (1919-2019) of JHHS football. Included is summary of early beginnings, yearly results, rosters, updated team and individual records and a gallery of pictures. Perfect gift for that grandfather, father, son, grandson, brother, uncle or cousin who would enjoy remembering their “glory days”. Cost is $25.00 per book plus $3.00 shipping and handling. To order call (318) 480-1206 or send email to: jpjjacksonla@gmail.com

commerative plateCommemorative Plates – Beautifully etched china plates commemorating Jonesboro-Hodge High School and Jackson Parish. To order contact Wilda Smith at (318)426-6511 or Barbara Johnson at (318) 450-5561.



# 36802



By virtue of a Writ of Seizure and Sale issued out of the Honorable Second Judicial District Court,
Parish of Jackson, State of Louisiana, and to me directed, I have seized and taken into my
possession and will offer for sale for cash at the principal front door of the Courthouse, Jonesboro,
Louisiana, on Wednesday, the 3rd day of August, 2022. Between the hours governing judicial sales,
the following property to wit:

Seized as the property of the above named defendant and will be sold to satisfy said Writ and all
cost, sale to be made for cash with WITHOUT the benefit of appraisal.



Sheriff Andy Brown will adopt his Amended Budget for the fiscal year July 1,2021-June 30,2022 and Proposed Budget for July 1,2022-June 30,2022, as well as adopt the Millage Rate for the Law Enforcement District for 2022. A Public Hearing will be held for interested parties on June 27,2022 at 10:00A.M., followed by a Public Meeting, in the Sheriff’s Office, 150 Old Winnfield Road, Jonesboro, La. Any interested parties may inspect same at the Sheriff’s Office, between 8:00A.M.-4:00P.M. Monday through Friday.
Andy Brown, Sheriff
Jackson Parish
June 24,2022


Date: June 14, 2022 Time: 5:30 p.m.
Place: Charles Garrett Community Center, 182 Industrial Dr., Jonesboro, LA 71251

Call to order by Mayor Thompson
Roll Call established a quorum with the following members in attendance: J. Ginn, R. Siadek, D. Flowers, N. Johnson; absent: P. Stringer
Invocation was led by -Johnson
Pledge of Allegiance – Ginn
Ordinance 2022-002- Redistricting Board of Aldermen Districts – Ginn disagrees with the maps as drawn and suggested changes for the re-districting.
Ordinance 2022-004 – Annual Report of the Budget (General)
Ordinance 2022-005 – Water Revenues and Expenditures budget
Ordinance 2022-006 – Sewer Revenues and Expenditures budget
Public Comments N. Hayes discussed better use of Fairgrounds. R. Layfield appeared on behalf of the Chamber to announce that the Chamber Banquet is scheduled for 8/4/2022 and to thank Town officials who sponsored the golf tournament. S. Davis talked about her passion and interest in starting programs for youth.
Approval of Agenda – Flowers moved to accept agenda, second by Johnson. The vote was unanimous to approve the agenda.
Approval of Minutes of May 10, 2022, regular meeting – Flowers moved to approve minutes of the May 10, 2022, meeting, second by Ginn, motion carried unanimously.
Approval of minutes of May 24, 2022, special call meeting – the minutes reflect the mayor would get with the event sponsors for Juneteenth with the decision of the council on whether to collaborate with them on this event. Ginn pointed out that the council did not make a decision and wanted this reflected in the minutes. Ginn moved to approve the minutes with the noted modification, second by Siadek, unanimously approved.
Creation of downtown cultural arts district – Dr. Simmons briefly talked about what having this designation would mean to the town, stressing that it does not cost the Town anything. A suggestion was made by the mayor to table this item until the next meeting.
Mayor’s update – Amanda Womack informed the council of her duties as Accounting Clerk/Internal Auditor for the Town.
Approval of May bills paid: Flowers moved to accept bills as paid, second by Johnson. Voting yea: Flowers, Johnson; voting nay: Ginn, Siadek; Mayor Thompson voted Yea to break the tie with a 3 to 2 vote. Motion carried.
Approval of May financials – Johnson moved to approve May financials, second by Flowers, motion unanimously approved.

Ratify Mayor’s declaration of emergency for well #5 – This well is malfunctioning causing Mayor Thompson to have to declare an emergency. All steps were followed to declare this emergency and he is asking that repairs be paid with ARPA money. Water levels have dropped to dangerously low levels and this well is critical to providing water to the Town’s residents and businesses. In compliance with Title 38, subsection 2212, commencement of the advertising process was authorized to begin as required by law. Repairs to this well are expected to cost $82,463. Motion by Ginn, second by Siadek, motion carried unanimously to ratify the mayor’s declaration of emergency and complete the necessary repairs to well #5 using ARPA funds.
Talbot Street project – Graff indicated the Talbot Street project would cost $33,250. The money will come from streets for this project moving forward. The mayor asked to revise the budget to include the $33,250 in the street fund for the repairs. Flowers moved to approve the Talbot Street Project, second by Ginn, vote was unanimous.
Brad Graff, Town’s Engineer talked about the Industrial Drive clearing project and laying 8” outfall pipe. They were unable to get an easement from the detention center requiring having to go to the land behind the property which has a lot of trees to be removed thereby increasing cost for this service by $11,500. This move also added a manhole and extra footage of pipe. The total overall for rerouting this outfall line will be a change order of approximately $35,000.
Graff also discussed City Hall Tank paint – there are no bids to date.
DEQ project has received all the grant money available to this project and council will need to figure out where overruns, if any, will come from or the scope of the project will have to be changed and rebid.
Fuel bids – approval of lowest bid- the ad for bids has been printed in the town’s journal. Bids will close at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, June 24, 2022. Bids will be opened at 2:10 p.m. on Friday, June 24, 2022. Mayor requested to be authorized to accept lowest bid. Flowers moved to approved, second by Siadek. Motion unanimously carried.
Appointment of official journal – recommend Ruston Leader due to multiple weekly publishing per week. On motion by Flowers, second by Siadek, motion unanimously carried to appoint the Ruston Leader as the Town’s official journal for a period of one year.
Resolution 2022-012 – Disposal of Surplus Property – All items are currently being advertised with minimum bids published. Ginn moved to authorize sale of surplus property to highest bidder, second by Flowers, motion unanimously carried.
Ordinance 2022-002- Redistricting Board of Aldermen Districts – Ginn has recommendations for change. The consensus is that with this item being due to the Secretary of State by June 22, there might not be enough time to make changes. Cedric Floyd was called to speak to the council and to have their questions answered. Floyd indicated that to have elections in November, the ordinance must be passed before June 20th in order to get it to the Secretary of State’s office on time. He indicated that the changes were minimal and that Ginn’s district did not change. Flowers asked that if any change were made would a public hearing be required. The answer was yes which would lead to there not being enough time to meet the requirements as the next meeting would be past the deadline for submission to the state. Floyd agreed to address the changes Ginn is requesting and get the information to the council before the end of the meeting. He indicated that the changes may not be able to be made based on the requirements of the Census for redistricting. After much discussion by council, Ginn moved to accept the redistricting plan, second by Siadek; vote was as follows: Yeas: Flowers, Siadek; Nays: Ginn, motion carried to adopt Ordinance 2022-002.

One change made to the budget was to include the $33,250 for Talbot Street.
Ginn wanted the $100,000 moved from administration to water. Johnson asked what the $100,000 would be used for, mayor responded it would be used for incentive pay for employees. He stressed that if council does not want to give the employees incentive pay, they should just say that. Ginn expressed his dissatisfaction with all employees receiving the same amount of incentive pay. Ginn then went on to discuss police chief using his personal vehicle and adding an additional $8,000 stipend to police budget for a fuel allowance.

Ordinance 2022-004 – Annual Report of the Budget (General) – Siadek moved to remove the $100,000 of ARPA funds from the general fund, second by Ginn, vote unanimously carried.
Motion to amend general fund budget in street department to increase in the amount of $33,250 by Johnson, second by Siadek, motion carried unanimously.
Motion to amend the police budget by $8,000 for police chief’s gas stipend by Ginn, second by Johnson, motion carried unanimously.
Siadek made motion to adopt the general fund budget with the following changes: move $100,000 from administrative budget to the water department; increase street department by $33,250, increase police department’s budget by $8,000 as indicated above, second by Ginn; vote as follows, Yea: Siadek, Ginn, Johnson, Nay: Flowers; motion carried to adjust the general fund budget as indicated above.

Ordinance 2022-005 – Water Revenues and Expenditures budget – Motion by Ginn to add $100,000 in ARPA funding to water department to be used for water sector program, second by Siadek. Vote was as follows: Yea’s: Siadek, Ginn; Nay’s: Flowers, motion carried to amend the budget as indicated above.

Motion to adopt the amended budget 2022-005 by Siadek, second by Ginn, vote as follows: Yeas: Siadek, Ginn; Nay’s: Flowers. Motion carried to adopt the amended budget 2002-005.

Ordinance 2022-006 – Sewer Revenues and Expenditures budget; Flowers moved to adopt the budget as is, second by Ginn, motion unanimously carried.

Town’s membership in One Call (811) – tabled
Department head reports (reports submitted to council in packets)
Council’s comments – none
Mayor’s comments – none
Motion to adjourn: Flowers, second Siadek, unanimous.

Chatham Town Council Meeting Minutes
June 14, 2022

The Chatham Town Council meet at its regular meeting on June 14, 2022, with the following present: Mayor Greg Harris, Councilmembers Toni Malone, Mike Wilson, Laverne Mixon and Marvin Davis. Councilmember Sue Proffer was absent.
The meeting was called to order by Mayor Harris.
The pledge was led by Council member Marvin Davis and prayer was given by Mayor Harris.
Toni Malone motioned, and Laverne Mixon seconded and was approved by all to accept the minutes asread of the regular meeting held on May 10, 2022.
Toni Malone motioned, and Marvin Davis seconded and was approved by all to accept the minutes as read of the special call meeting held on May 17, 2022.
Marvin Davis motioned, and Toni Malone seconded and was approved by all to introduce Ordinance 2022-01, the amending of the fiscal year budget 2021-2022 and set the public hearing meeting onTuesday, June 28, 2022, at 6:00 pm.
Toni Malone motioned, and Mike Wilson seconded and was approved by all to introduce Ordinance
2022-02, the setting of the fiscal year budget for 2022-2023 and set the public hearing meeting on
Tuesday, June 28, 2022, at 6:00pm.
Toni Malone motioned, and Marvin Davis seconded and was approved by all the financial statements as presented.
Marvin Davis motioned, and Mike Wilson seconded and was approved by all that the meeting be


Arrest Report (June 15 – June 25)

Mark Fenn (Jonesboro, LA) – Domestic Abuse Battery
Dontez Hicks (Chatham, LA) – Unauthorized Entry of a Dwelling
Casey Ramsey (Jonesboro, LA) – Disturbing the Peace
Leon Burns Jr. (Jonesboro, LA) – Malfeasance in Office, Theft, Criminal Conspiracy
Shambriece Grant (Jonesboro, LA) – Battery of a Dating Partner
Israel McNeal (Jonesboro, LA) – Battery of a Dating Partner
Jephus J Wiley Jr. (Quitman, LA) – Malfeasance in Office, Theft
Keary Sauer (Hodge, LA) – Failure to Appear x2
Deandre Dobbins (Jonesboro, LA) – Aggravated Flight, Violation of Registration, Contributing to a Minor, Use of Mulit-Beams
Dusty Williams (Calhoun, LA) – Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated
Demetrious Scott (Jonesboro, LA) – Disturbing the Peace, Possession of Marijuana – 1st offense
Delmon Horton (Quitman, LA) – Execution of Sentence
Charles O Archie (Jonesboro, LA) – Malfeasance in Office, Theft, Criminal Conspiracy
Thomas D Richardson (Jonesboro, LA) – Domestic Abuse Batter, Possession of Stolen Firearm, Possession of Stolen Firearm by a Convicted Felon
Rohillion H Byrd (Jonesboro, LA) – Battery of a Dating Partner
Chianti C Walker (Jonesboro, LA) – Battery of a Dating Partner
Jeanne Ray (Quitman, LA) – Battery of a Dating Partner, Aggravated Assault with a Dangerous Weapon
Jason Ponder (Jonesboro, LA) – Bench Warrant on Criminal Trespass charge

This information has been provided by a law enforcement agency as public information. Persons named or shown in photographs or video as suspects in a criminal investigation, or arrested and charged with a crime, have not been convicted of any criminal offense and are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Woody McDonald named Grand Marshal of 2022 Freedom Celebration Flotilla

Woody McDonald, Chairman of Board at the Jackson Parish Bank in Jonesboro and the one considered most responsible for Caney Lake coming into being, has been named Grand Marshal of the 2022 Freedom Celebration Flotilla that will be held on Saturday, July 2nd.

It was McDonald’s vision in 1966 that led to Caney Lake coming into being. For two decades (1967-86) he served as the Jackson Parish Watershed District Commissioner where he staunchly stood strong for the people of Jackson Parish during the many political battles that threatened the construction of what has now become one of the top lakes in the south. 

“No one did more for the birth of Caney Lake than Woody McDonald,” said former state representative Jamie Fair in an 1982 Shreveport Times article.


JP10U Girl All-Stars qualify for state tourney

The Jackson Parish 10U All Star girls won three of five games played at the Little League District 5 Tournament to finish as runner-up and qualify for the upcoming state tourney that will be played in Broussard, LA in July. A recap shows that “tourney time” was a feast or famine experince for the locals. In the three games won JP10U averaged just under 20 runs scored per game. In the two losses, which both came at the hands of the SSC10U All-Stars nary a run crossed the plate. 

In their opener that was played this past Friday night and reported in the Sunday edition of the Jackson Parish Journal the local girls destroyed DeSoto Parish by an 18-3 margin. Saturday play opened with the storng SSC10U pitching staff not allowing the locals a hit in the 12-0 victory that relegated JP10U to the elimination bracket. 

With their back against the wall the locals responded in fine fashion to blast host Bossier 22-0 and beat TBD 19-4. That set up a winner take all rematch with SSC10U where once again the locals got blanked by a 10-0 score. 

SSC10U 12 Jackson Parish 0 – Two SSC10U pitchers combined to strike out all twelve JP10U batters that came to the plate while the team scored 12 runs of their own to take the 3 1/2 inning victory. 

Jackson Parish 22 Bossier 0 – In their second game on Saturday, Rachel Bandy struck out 8 Bossier batters in her own no-hit effort over three innings to help keep the locals alive. The contest started with JP10U taking a 9-0 advantage after two innings of play before thirteen runs in the third put the game on ice. Bandy was the leader on offense as well by reaching base in all four at bats, including hitting a home run, driving in four and scoring four. Teegan Hall (3-RS, 3-RBI) and Tessa Reeves (3-RS, 2 RBI) also got two hits . Ava Canerday pitched in with a triple, run scored and two RBI while London Burks, Bella Blewer, Gracie Gray and Kyleigh Leach all scored two runs each. Amelia Staggs, Anna Phelps and Ella Simonelli added a run each. 

Jackson Parish 19 TBD10U 0 – Rachel Bandy along with Bella Blewer and Ella Simonelli combined on a second straight winning no-hit effort and third straight that the locals were involved in. The game, which lasted only 2 1/2 innings before being called due to the “mercy rule”  was basically over after one inning of play when the locals scored 13 runs in the bottom of the first. Six runs in the second cemented the win. 

JP10U busted out the heavy lumber in this one as six of the twelve hits accrued went for extra bases. Bandy was responsible for half of the extra baggers as her triple and two doubles accounted for a single game, tourney high, six RBI’s. Both Teegan Hall and Ava Canerday roped triples, knocked in two runs and scored twice as did Gracie Gray, who smacked a double. Amelia Staggs scored three runs and knocked another in after a 2/2 effort and London Burks added a pair of runs scored as did Ella Simonelli as the locals made it to the finals where they once again fell to SSC10U, this time by a 10-0 margin

Complete tournament totals were incomplete as stats were not finalized in the final game but opver the four games shown Hall, Bandy and Gray led the way with seven hits with Bandy leading the team in doubles (3), tied with Hall in triples with one each and hitting a team best two home runs. She also led with 14 RBI and 8 runs scored while Tessa Reeves topped in stolen bases with five. 



JPSO sets Public Hearing /Meeting regarding 2022 Millage Rate and Budgets

Jackson Parish Sheriff, Andy Brown, will adopt his Amended Budget for the fiscal year July 1,2021-June 30,2022 and Proposed Budget for July 1,2022-June 30,2022, as well as adopt the Millage Rate for the Law Enforcement District for 2022. A Public Hearing will be held for interested parties on June 27,2022 at 10:00A.M., followed by a Public Meeting, in the Sheriff’s Office, located at 150 Old Winnfield Road in Jonesboro. Any interested parties may inspect same at the Sheriff’s Office, between 8:00A.M.-4:00P.M. Monday through Friday.

Five from Jackson Parish named LBCA Class B All State

Three from state semifinalist, Quitman and two from quarterfinalist, Weston was named to the recently announced 2022 Louisiana Baseball Coaches Association (LBCA) Class B All State team. Representing Quitman was graduating seniors Ty Simonelli and Luke Morgan along with Sophomore Logan Ponder. Weston High saw seniors Caleb Waters and Davis Tolar chosen to the elite squad that is made up of players from schools whose coaches are a member of the LBCA.

The widely regarded conception that district 2B was the strongest in the state was confirmed by the five Jackson Parish athletes joining four from Class B state champion Choudrant, giving the district nine representatives on the 28 man team or roughly 1/3 of the roster. 

The back to back state champs earned the lionshare of top honors with Kaden Bradshaw being named Hitter of the Year and Tony Antley, who has now retired after winning back-to-back Class B titles, receiving Coach of the Year honors. The Pitcher of the Year was Tate Hess of Singer.

Jonesboro Council Members express concern about unexplained ARPA money

At the last meeting of the Town of Jonesboro Board of Aldermen the budget for 2022-23 was passed but not without much discussion and concern. During the extended meeting, much of the discussion was focused on $100,000.00 of ARPA money that was orginally shown as revenue in the city administration division. This was resolved when it was voted to move that money to the Water Department to be used solely for water projects. 

What wasn’t explained was why $222,000.00 that was shown to be left over from funds that was originally pinpointed to be used as matching funds for grants wasn’t listed in the new budget? There was also much discussion on what this money should be used for.

“My main question was if we had this money left over, why aren’t we using it,” said Councilperson Nia Evans-Johnson. “We could be moving forward with buying or leasing a truck to help fix the potholes on our roads or buying the water meters that we all know need to be purchased.

“I also want to know why it wasn’t even mentioned we had this money until this meeting when the City Engineer gave his breakdown of how the ARPA money had been used on the water and sewer project?

Councilman Pete Stringer echoed the sentiment about about why the money wasn’t shown.

“This isn’t found anywhere in the budget,” said Stringer. “I don’t understand how this amount of money isn’t accounted for.” 

Calls to Mayor Thompson by the Jackson Parish Journal for a response went unanswered.

ARPA stands for the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 where individuals and municipalities received money to help combat the financial problems casued by the Coronavirus Epidemic. The town of Jonesboro was designated roughly 1.6 million dollars that was to be allocated equally over a two year period.

JP8U All Star Girls make state tournament

The dream is still alive! By winning three of four games played in the District 5 Tournament held in Bossier City over the weekend the Jackson Parish 8U Coach Pitch All Star girls moved a step closer to their ulitmate goal of winning the state championship.

To earn the right to play in the Little League state tourney, that will be held July 8 – 11th at St. Julien Park in Broussard, LA the locals beat DeSoto 23-3, West Ouachita 26-21 and Shreveport 15-5, before losing to Shreveport in the finals by a 17-10 margin. 

Jackson Parish 26 West Ouachita 21 – The locals amassed a pair of tournament bests in the victory, one which was very good and one not so good, but thanks to 33 hits, JP8U was able to overcome the 18 errors m made. Every single one of the 13 players got at least two hits and each scored at least one run as JP8U raced out to a 21-9 lead after three innings and held on for the victory. Hannah Aldy led the hit parade with four that included a double followed by three hits each by Kate Keiffer (2-3B), Ryan Kate Wyatt, Brelaina Hall (2-2B), Lizzie Sulivan and Charlee Mauthe. Ainsley Bougues, Scarlett Parks (3B), Presley Carpenter, Adeline Anderson, Elliot Savage, Ashlyn Petre and Ryleigh McCormick added two hits each. 

Jackson Parish 15 Shreveport 5 – Seven runs in both the first and second innings staked the locals to a commanding 14-4 lead that led to the ten run rule victory. JP8U pounded out 16 hits in the contest, half which went for extra bases led by a pair of doubles from Ryan Kate Wyatt and a double and triple off the bat of Kate Keiffer. Hannah Aldy and Ashlyn Petre also smacked three baggers and Elliot Savage, Ryleigh McCormick and Brelaina Hall added a double each. 

Shreveport 17 Jackson Parish 10 (Championship Game) – In the rematch for the title, Jackson Parish got one more hit than the game before against Shreveport but couldn’t overcome 17 errors made.  as Shreveport scored all their runs over the last four innings to reverse a 6-2 JP8U lead.  Once again the locals got out to an early lead but this time Shreveport scored 11 runs in the last two innings to rally for the victory. Ryan Kate Wyatt, Hannah Aldy, Ryleigh McCormick and Brelaina Hall all slapped doubles in the contest with Aldy, McCormick, Wyatt, Ashlyn Petre, Elliot Savage, Presley Carpenter, Lizzie Sullivan and Charlee Mauthe getting two hits each. 

Overall the JP8U team scored 74 runs in the four games for an 18.5 runs per game average. They also carded 92 hits as a group for a robust .626 team average that included 19 doubles, 10 triples and a home run. 

Individual stats from District 5 tournament play (Category leaders highlighted by bold type)

Ryan Kate Wyatt1210.8334600106
Charlee Mauthe108.800800055
Lizzie Sullivan108.800800004
Ashlyn Petre129.750801048
Hannah Aldy139.692621088
Elliot Savage128.667710037
Brelaina Hall128.667350063
Presley Carpenter117.636610044
Kate Keiffer138.6151151910
Ryleigh McCormick126.500321036
Ainsley Bougues94.444400035
Adeline Anderson125.417311063
Scarlett Parks922.222101034

Jackson Parish Police Jury awards Clean Up Day winners

The Jackson Parish Police Jury met this on Tuesday highlighted by Clean Up Committee Chairman, John McCarty, presenting plaques to the winners and runner-ups of  the Police Jury Districts and muncipalities who turned in the best performances. 

Accepting the award for top Police Jury District was District One Representative, Todd Culpepper while Amy Magee received the plaque for runner up on behalf of District Three. The Village of Hodge won the first place among municipalities with Chatham coming in second. 

In additional action, JPPJ members Todd Culpepper, Lewis Chatham, Amy Magee, John McCarty, Regina Rowe and President Lynn Treadway agreed to adopt the budget submitted by the Jackson Parish Museum. It was also agreed that Ordinances 01-0719-2022 and 02-07192022, to establish a service charge/convenience fee on credit card transactions and establishing funding for the Jackson Parish Museum andFine Arts Association for 2022 would be voted on at the next meeting.

Henderson Road, Quail Ridge Road and C. Osborne Road were kept in the parish road maintenance system and the panel decided to not allow the state to use Owens Road as a viable detour during the time it takes for the state to complete work on the bridge on Mosswood Road. This was due to the states refusal to help in providing gravel to help keep the unpaved Owens Road up to par during the expected nine months of construction time it is estimated to complete the bridge work. 

 The meeting opened with Jamie Antley of Family Heritage Supplemental which is a division of Globe Life Insurance asking the panel to allow his group to speak to JPPJ employees about the offerings his company has. Board President Lynn Treadway responded by saying the board members would hold discussions and provide an answer at the next regularly scheduled board meeting that iwll take place on July 19th. 

Clean Up Day Muncipality Runner Up – Town of Chatham (l-r) John McCarty, Chatham Mayor Greg Harris, Police Jury Representative Lewis Chatham Not shown – Village of Hodge – Clean Up Day Municipality Winner

JHHS basketballer Ajay Tew makes impression at NSU team camp

The team will be his to lead next fall and according to the Prep Hoops, the website that specializes in high school basketball, Ajay Tew, who will be a senior at Jonesboro-Hodge this coming school year is primed for the responsibility. While at the team camp hosted by Northwestern State University (NSU) the 5’11’ point guard, who is the son of JHHS head coach Allen Tew, turned heads with his performance and proved that while his father is the coach on the sideline he is more than capable of being the coach on the floor. 

Prep Hoops review on Tew:

When it comes to point guards having full command of an offense and being an offensive threat, Tew was definately that guy. Tew displayed knowledge of when to push the ball, when to look for his own offense and when to set up the offensie to exploit a mismatch. His basketball IQ is off the charts. He seems to make the opposition pay no matter how they decide to play him. When he chooses his own offense, the jump shot from three or mid-range seems to be his choice. No matter what it is, he is very comfortable at executing either way. 

‘When all the leaves and trees are green…’

Welcome to summertime, which began Tuesday with the summer “solstice,” a Latin word for “if our AC goes out, call 911.”

So if Tuesday seemed like a really long day … it was. The longest. Because of the way the Earth and Sun were situated — with the Earth tilting on one of its poles and other complicated astronomical stuff that you already know so why should I explain — Tuesday was the longest day and shortest night of the year.

If you are married and came home and said, “Honey, it’s been a long day,” you might have been figuratively correct but you were most definitely literally correct. In other words, for once in your marriage, you were right, even if you didn’t mean to be.

Another reason why summer is good.

Song after song has been written and sung about summertime.

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…”

“In the good ol’ summertime…”

“The summer wind/came blowin’ in/from across the sea/It lingered there/to touch your hair/and walk with me…”

“We’ve been havin’ fun all summer long…” – Beach Boys, of course.

And — also of course — the late, great Roger Miller wrote this, a favorite because, well, Roger Miller … 

“In the summertime
When all the leaves and trees are green
And the redbird sings ‘I’ll be blue
’Cause you don’t want my love…”

Clever Roger Miller with the colors, green and red and blue. But it’s a sad summer song, and sad is not what summer is about.

It’s complicated now, when school starts and when school stops. Makes no sense.

But in a simpler time, the school system owned our adolescent butts from Labor Day until Memorial Day. Owned us. That was understood. Two days for Thanksgiving. Christmas was a couple weeks, the Glory Days of Wintertime Kiddom. There was an Easter Day or two. Maybe a Presidents Day.

But basically, they had you where they wanted you. In front of a chalkboard. Labor Day until Memorial Day.


But we knew that glorious summertime was ours. Memorial Day passed, and we were free to run barefoot for three months. No questions asked.

We worked, sure. Depending on where you grew up, there was grass to cut, tractors to drive.

But there was also baseball to play. Afternoons at the pool. Bikes to ride from daylight to dusk.

Watermelon and sweat and smiles. And you could go to bed Sunday night without thinking of homeroom Monday. Monday was just another “free” day to be a kid, to drink from the water hose (wait a minute ’til it gets cold!), to get sunburned, to hear your momma calling you in for supper.

It’s hot, for sure. Supposed to be more than 100 this weekend. But I can take off enough to stay cool; can’t put on enough in the wintertime to stay warm.

I’ll take summer any day.

It’s been 25 years since I was out walking and met a guy from Up North washing his car. He’d just moved here. He mentioned in passing how hot it was. I nodded and told him it sure was and kept walking.

It was only April. I didn’t have the heart to tell him…

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Dorothy Dorsey to be honored by Jackson Parish School System

For half a century Dorothy Dorsey has given of herself to the students, staff, faculty and administration of the Jackson Parish School System. The public is invited to come celebrate her 50 years of service on Wednesday, June 29th, from 2:00pm – 3:00pm at the Jackson Parish School Board Office located at 315 Pershing Hwy in Jonesboro.

Dorsey went to Jasper-Henderson and Chatham High School before earning her degree at Grambling State University. The former principal at Southside Elementary in Jonesboro is currently serving as Elementary Supervisor/Child Welfare & Attendance for the Jackson Parish School District.