Governor Jon Bel Edwards announced that the state will move into Phase 2 on June 5. The decision was made after consultation with OPH epidemiologists, as well as other health officials and professionals across the state. Phase 2 will provide for the following:

1. All businesses and organizations currently open at 25% capacity may expand to 50% capacity.
2. Casinos and video poker establishments may expand operations to 50% capacity and 75% of gaming positions, under the guidance established by the Gaming Control Board.
3. Massage establishments, tattoo parlors, and esthetic services may operate at 50% of the business’s capacity, and under the guidance established by their respective regulatory agency.*
4. Bowling alleys, skating rinks, pool halls may resume operation at 50% capacity.*
5. Bars that do not hold an LDH food service certificate may resume operation at 25% capacity with diminished standing room occupancy and under the guidelines applicable to restaurants.*
6. Arcades and children museums may resume operation at 50% capacity under a plan submitted to and approved by the State Fire Marshal.*
7. Outdoor playgrounds and play centers may resume operation.*
8. Amusement rides, carnivals, amusement parks, water parks, fairs, indoor children play centers, theme parks, and concert and music halls will remain closed during Phase 2.

Businesses in the bullets above noted with an asterisk were not open in Phase 1, but may resume operations as provided for in Phase 2.
According to information provided by the Jackson Parish Sheriff Office on June 2nd statistics locally are:

1. Positive cases tested – 161
2. Recovered – 45
3. Hospitalized – 2
4. Deaths – 13
5. Active cases – 103

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