Jackson Parish residents hold “Peaceful Protest”

Their voices were heard locally on the streets of Jonesboro this past Sunday as roughly 200 people took part in a “peaceful protest”. They were far from alone on this day though as the theme they presented resonated all over the nation as collectively America took to the streets to stand against racial inequality and police brutality.

Black and white alike came together to march through the streets of Jonesboro to demand racial equality and bring a stop to the injustice that was brought to the forefront of every citizen in the nation’s mind following the senseless killing of Minneapolis, MN resident George Floyd by Police Officers.

“We felt it was important to give Jackson Parish a chance to unite and support the cause of equality” said protest organizer Jakeshia Lard. “We can no longer abide with racial inequality that is so evident in America.”

Upon arriving at the Courthouse several speakers addressed the crowd including Brown Grove Pastor Quinn Quinten, Richard Jackson, Norman Amos and Lard who asked the crowd to conduct an 8:42 second, silent prayer. The time frame was in reminder of how long that Floyd was pinned to the ground with the knee of an officer on his neck while he was begging for his life before finally succumbing.

Jonesboro Mayor Leslie Thompson, who was one of several local dignitaries present also made a statement to news media in attendance.

“The President called today a good day and I do to” said Thompson. “I hope that these protests that are taking place all over the nation start real change. The reality is that in the past only words were spoken. The day for real action is here and must be taken.”

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