Coronavirus Cases in Jackson Parish Trending Downward

While the rest of the state and nation bemoan the fact that the number of Coronavirus cases are on the rise since the re-opening of America here in Jackson Parish the numbers actually seem to be working in a more favorable direction.

As of July 6th the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office reports that the death total remains at 15 representing over a 30 day period since the last fatality to the disease. Also the actual cases shown are less than they were 30 days ago.

On June 6th it was reported there we 96 actual cases with two people requiring hospitalization. This is compared to 82 active cases in the Parish on July 6th with no one in the hospital. Additional information shows that 136 residents have recovered from the 233 that tested positive since the virus struck.

Jackson Parish COVID-19 cases as of July 6, 2020

233 – Positive cases tested

136 – Recovered

82 – Active cases in Jackson Parish

5 – Active cases at Jackson Parish Correctional Center

0 – Hospitalized

15 – Deaths

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