Gregory Harris Embraces Role as New Mayor Of Chatham

Several years ago Gregory Harris wanted to be a councilman because he wanted to do his part to make Chatham a better place to live. That same desire is the reason he ran for Mayor. Obviously the residents of his hometown agreed with his plan as they gave him 61% of the vote to allow him to become the first African-American Mayor in Chatham’s history.  

While Harris is proud of that fact it wasn’t the reason he wanted to sit in the highest governmental seat of the town but rather because he had some definite goals that he wanted to see Chatham achieve. He is also very appreciative that now he will get an opportunity to be of service as Mayor as evidenced in the prepared statement he has provided to his friends, neighbors and fellow residents.

To the Citizens of Chatham

I am grateful to all of you for the outpouring of support you all showed me in my run for Mayor. I will do my best to make you proud that you have elected me to serve you. I would ask that you join me in the effort to clean up the town, produce better drinking water and have a better relationship between Town Hall and the citizens so we can make Chatham be known as the best little town in north Louisiana.

Gregory C. Harris – “Mayor for ALL the people of Chatham”

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