Jonesboro Water Department Responds Quickly to Major Water Line Blowout

Residents of the Terrace Hills subdivision in Jonesboro were all prepared to give the Public Works Department the “what-for” this past Saturday morning after waking up to no water. After the response that Public Works Director Calvin Wortham and Water Department Supervisor Nathan Martin gave those jeers quickly changed to cheers.

The problem was a major water line blowing out on the lower end of Linda Lee Lane that caused the entire subdivision to be completely without water. Being that it happened on a Saturday when the office of the Public Works Department is closed it led to the thoughts it would be several days before water would restored to the area where many elderly people live.

That was not even close to being the case though as upon learning of the problem Wortham and Martin immediately got in touch with Cherokee Contractors of Jonesboro who by 2:00 that afternoon had not only identified the problem and ripped up the leaking line but had also installed and connected a new 6” pipe that had allowed the water to be turned back on after only a few hours of being unavailable. 

Jonesboro Water Department employee Caleb Clinton standing alongside 6 inches of water main that had to be replaced by subcontractor Cherokee Construction (representative on equipment)

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