What’s Happening? Events Taking Place in November

Want something to do but don’t know what is going on? Maybe you want to attend a special event, meeting or go to a ball game.  The Jackson Parish Journal is hoping this site will be of value to you. See below for activities and events that are taking place during the rest of the month of November.

Nov 11th: Meeting of the Jackson Parish Chamber of Commerce (12:00 noon at Johnny’s Pizza)

Nov 12th: Ambulance Service District Meeting (12:00 pm)

Nov 12th: Prep basketball – Hornbeck at Weston / varsity boys and girls – 6:00 pm

Nov 12th: Prep basketball – Quitman at Castor / JV, varsity boys and girls – 5:00 pm

Nov 13th: Prep football – North Caddo at JHHS (Homecoming / Senior Night) – 7:00 pm

Nov 13th: Prep basketball – Quitman at Family Community Christian / varsity boys and girls – 6:00 pm

Nov 16th: Recreation District Board Meeting (12:00 pm)

Nov. 16th: Library Board Regular Meeting (4:30 pm)

Nov. 16th: Tourism Board Meeting (4:30 pm)

Nov. 16th Hodge Fire Protection District Meeting (6:00 pm)

Nov 16th: Prep basketball – Weston at Sterlington / varsity boys and girls – 5:00 pm

Nov 17th: Prep basketball – Forest at Quitman (Played at JHHS) / varsity boys and girls – 5:00 pm

Nov 18th: Communication District E-911 Commission Meeting (12:00 pm)

Nov 19th: Museum and Fine Arts Association Meeting (5:00 pm)

Nov 19th: Watershed District Meeting (5:00 pm)

Nov 19th: Jonesboro Fire District #1 Board Meeting

Nov 19th: Prep basketball – JHHS at Weston / Varsity Boys and Girls(6:00 pm)

Nov 19th: Prep basketball – Haughton at Quitman / Varsity Girls only – 6:00 pm

Nov 20th: Prep football – JHHS at Lakeside – 7:00 pm

Nov 20th: Prep basketball – Quitman at Claiborne Christian / varsity boys and girls – 6:00 pm

Nov 23rd: Prep basketball – JHHS at Lakeview Tournament /Varsity Girls only TBA

Nov 23rd: Prep basketball – Quitman at St. Mary’s / Varsity Girls only – 6:00 pm

Nov 27th: Prep football – Bi District Playoffs (TBA))

Nov 27th: Jimmie Davis State Park Christmas Parade (TBA)

Nov 28th: Town of Jonesboro Annual Christmas Parade (4:30 pm)

Nov. 30th: District 4 Fire Protection District Meeting

Nov 30th: Prep basketball – Weston at Dodson / Varsity boys and girls

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