Local Author Releases New Book “Snowbird to a Dove”

He’s done it again! It should be no surprise though as if you know local resident Robert Tyler you know that he is always searching for another way to spread the Gospel. Over the past several years he has penned books, wrote songs, performed concerts and given motivational speeches whenever and wherever he is called.

Tyler, who writes under the pen name R. D. Tinsley, has recently added to his library with his newest edition entitled “Snowbird to a Dove.” The wonderful book that incorporates local landscape and towns stresses things like how to cope in this most uncertain world and how important it is to welcome into your life God’s word.

Snowbird to a Dove and his previous children’s book Baptism on the Bayou which was published by Harper Hill Publishing in Saline, LA is available for purchase through Amazon.com. It makes the perfect stocking stuffer for adults and children alike. Supplies are limited so you will want to get your order in early.

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