Joiner claims $50,000 Super Bee 100 first prize

Joseph Joiner was the $50,001 winner at the Super Bee 100 Late Crate race held in front of a packed houseat the Super Bee Speedway in Chatham this past Saturday night that was the feature of three days of racing. 

Cade Dillard finished in second with BJ Robnson coming in third. Matt Henderson and Carson Ferguson rounded out the top five after 100 laps of very enertaining racing over the dirt track. To say the fans loved the racing and additonal programs was an understatement as evidenced by Thresa Sneed Delrio who said:

“It was an awesome show !!!! Congratulations to ALL. And the “DRUNK TANK” recognition was definitely entertaining. Reminds me of Talledega’s Redneck Point.”

Trent Stokes was also impressed! 

“One hell of a race and limited mods were good too. Caught it all entering 3 and 4 and couldnt ask for a better crate race.”

So was Paul Davis and Matthew Lane Holmes……

“Absolutely, a great race, thanks to you and all the racers, enjoyed it very much,” said Davis. “Probably one of the best races I have ever watched,” echoed Holmes.

Over 100 entrants initially vied for the $50,001.00 which was the largest payout of a dirt track race this year. See below for final results:

Finishing order:
1st. 10- Joseph Joiner
2nd. 97- Cade Dillard
3rd. 1- BJ Robinson
4th. 17- Matt Henderson
5th. 00F- Carson Ferguson
6th. 19- Jamie Burford
7th. 3k- Tanner Kellick
8th. 9- Shane Hebert
9th. 66K- Dylan Knowles
10th. 6X- Rob Litton
11th. 18- Matt Cooper
12th 51 -Tyler Burnett
13th. 6R- Robbie Stuart
14th. 11A- Bubba Mullins
15th. 2B- Tyler Burgess
16th. Dp21- Dalton Patrick
17th. 84- Randall Beckwith
18th. 2L- Trynt Lloyd
19th. ZK21- Mike Patrick
20th. 00S- James Shirley
21st. 26- Dean Abbey
22nd. 1K- Kevin Ramey
23rd. 24- Steve Jernigan
24th. 2- Bo Slay
25th. 6D- Rick Duke
26th. B17- Brandon Ball
27th. 5C- Brad Couch
28th. 27- Chase Delrio
29th. 3- Jamie Traweek
30th. C11- Cliff Williams
31st. 25- Justin Mcree


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