Louisiana Rental Assistance Program Taking Applications

Some renters can now apply for rental assistance if they can’t pay their rent due to impacts from COVID-19. Governor John Bel Edwards announced the new $24 million Emergency Rental Assistance Program this past Thursday afternoon.

“This program is designed to help renters who have faced financial hardship as a result of shutdowns, closures, layoffs, reduced working hours or unpaid leave due to the pandemic,” said Edwards.

The first-come-first-serve payments depend on income, household size, and fair market rent prices. It assists households whose income does not exceed $13,500 for one individual, up to 25,450 for a household of eight people.

“The program is available to individuals who are at 30 percent or below average medium income,” said Keith Cunningham, Executive Director for the Louisiana Housing Corporation. “That benefit will allow for three months of rental payment moving forward and three months of back rental payment as additional emergency solution grant dollars are made available.”

Income Eligibility Requirements:

  1. 1 Person $13,500
  2. 2 Person $15,450
  3. 3 Person $17,350
  4. 4 Person $19,300
  5. 5 Person $20,850
  6. 6 Person $22,400
  7. 7 Person $23,900
  8. 8 Person $25,450

Andreanecia Morris with Housing Louisiana believes this is only a start. The program provides $24 million in assistance, but she estimates at least $250 million is needed to keep Louisiana renters in their homes.

“It’s just not good enough,” said Morris. “If you’re a family of four you can’t make more than $19,000 to qualify for this rental assistance program and you have to have lost income because of COVID to access the funds, so this is a sliver,” Morris said.

You can apply now by calling 211 or at: larenthelp.com.

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