Jackson Parish Votes Against Sports Wagering Option

For the most part residents of the state of Louisiana were in solid agreement on the parish by parish sports wagering proposal and the constitutional options presented to them on the November 3rd ballot. That can’t be totally said of the residents of Jackson Parish who ended up going against the grain of the state on three of the eight items.

While Jackson Parish voted against allowing sports wagering, residents won’t have to go far if they want to place a bet once the system is in place. There are several parishes nearby available such neighboring Bienville, Lincoln and Ouachita. Actually, 56 of the 64 parishes in the state approved to allow sports wagering.   

There were also two constitutional amendments that received a solid majority of YES votes throughout the state but had more NO votes in Jackson Parish. Below is a full recap on the Constitutional amendments and proposition voting results statewide and in Jackson Parish

#1 – Declare no right to and no funding of Abortion in the LA constitution.

Statewide                           Yes         1,275,112             No          778,973

Jackson Parish                                   5,545                                     1,843

#2 – Amends determination of fair market value of oil or gas well.

Statewide                           Yes         1,158,710             No          827,491

Jackson Parish                                   3,556                                     3,618

#3 – Amends use of budget stabilization fund

Statewide                           Yes         1,097,144             No          885,279

Jackson Parish                                   3,443                                     3,726

#4 – Limit expenditure limit for state general fund

Statewide                           Yes         856,529                 No          1,079,571

Jackson Parish                                   2,965                                     4,077

#5 – Authorizes cooperative endeavor tax measures

Statewide                           Yes         727,345                 No          1,221,197

Jackson Parish                                   2,654                                     4,394

#6 – Increases income limit for homestead exemption special assessment level

Statewide                           Yes         1,225,629             No          745,995

Jackson Parish                                   4,321                                     2,826

#7 – Creates Louisiana unclaimed property permanent trust fund

Statewide                           Yes         1,267,363             No          702,900

Jackson Parish                                   4,208                                     2,880

Act 215, 2020 – Authorize Sports Wagering Activities in Jackson Parish

YES         3,483

NO         3,580


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