Multi-Parish Elections – May, Warren and Newell Claim 2nd Judicial Court Seats in Tight Races

There was a large number of voters, in fact a record number, that cast their ballots where residents of Jackson Parish represented a part of a multi-parish judicial district  but the margin of victory in most were very small with the exception of one, especially in the races that involved Jackson Parish residents.

2nd Judicial District Judge: In the races for the two 2nd Judicial (Jackson, Bienville, Claiborne) District Judge seats and the accompanying District Attorney race the difference was at best roughly 5% with one race seeing only 357 votes separate the two candidates.

Division A: In that one, which was between two Jackson Parish residents vying to replace retiring Judge Jenifer Clauson for the seat of Judge in Division A (Claiborne Parish Courthouse) Walter May won the seat over Darrel Avery. The difference was the 1584 votes that May beat Avery by in Bienville Parish which offset the 1253 advantage Avery had in Jackson Parish. The Claiborne Parish vote was virtually a tie with May earning 26 more ballots.   

                                May                       Avery

Bienville               3,867                     2,283

Claiborne             2,813                     2,787

Jackson                2,921                     4,174

Total                      9,601                     9,244

Division B: The winner of the Division B Judge race (Jackson Parish Courthouse) who will take the place of retiring Judge Jimmie Teat was Bienville Parish native Rick Warren who outpolled Jackson Parish resident Yumeaka Robinson Washington. Warren won Bienville and Claiborne parishes by 426 and 539 votes respectively. Washington polled best in Jackson Parish where she lost by only 108 votes.

                                Warren                 Washington

Bienville               3,471                     3,045

Claiborne             3,244                     2,705

Jackson                3,650                     3,502

Total                      10,365                   9,292

District Attorney – 2nd Judicial District: In a repeat of the race four years ago Incumbent District Attorney Danny Newell, who resides in Bienville Parish beat Jackson Parish native Chris Bowman. It was a 917 vote advantage in Claiborne Parish that propelled Newman to the victory. Both candidates won their home parishes by similar totals with Newell getting 760 more of the Bienville Parish votes compared to Bowman winning Jackson Parish by 630 votes.

                                Newell                  Bowman

Bienville               3688                       2928

Claiborne             3562                       2645

Jackson                 3297                       3927

Total                      10,547                   9,500

4th Judicial District – Associate Justice of LA Supreme Court: It was the Associate Justice seat in the 4th District of the Louisiana Supreme Court which is made up of 20 northeast/central Louisiana parishes that had the widest margin of victory. That is where Jay McCallum of Farmerville outpolled Shannon Gremillion who hails from Ferriday by a 56.69% – 43.31% advantage with the actual vote total showing 122,443 for McCallum comparted to 93,531 for Gremillion. In Jackson Parish, McCallum won by a count of 4,505 – 2,000.

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