New Board of Trustees selected at Jackson Parish Library

At the rescheduled meeting of the Jackson Parish Library Board that took place on Friday, January 29th the Board of Trustees for 2021 was selected. Serving as President this year will be Carol Massey with Judy Cooper being the Vice-President. Paula Essemeier is the Treasurer. Additional Board Members are: Ann Standley, Bertha Robinson, Carolyn Crawley, Lisa Nunn and Lewis Chatham. 

2021 Jackson Parish Library Board of Trustees Officers:
President – Carol Massey
Vice President – Judy Cooper
Treasurer – Paula Essemeier

For Artists, Designers or just someone who likes to create things – the Library is seeking your help!!!!
The Library is very pleased to announce that they will be gettijpl bookng a new, state-of-the-art, bookmobile this summer. To incorporate the public with the celebration of the event they are asking for those interested to submit artwork that would be used as the exterior design.

“We are looking for something that is not only eye-catching and will draw attention but will clearly identify that this is a bookmobile and make them want to come inside,” said Library Director Floyd Knox.

From the designs submitted, one will be selected to be featured on the bookmobile while all others will be prominently displayed throughout the Jonesboro Branch for the community to view. The deadline for submissions is February 26th. To find out how you can submit a design or for more information, please contact Amber at 318-259-5697.

NAILED IT it or FAILED IT competition – This past September the Library introduced some novelty cake pans that could be checked out by the public to be used to show their creative baking skills in a competition called NAILEDIT or FAILED IT. They asked patrons to view the submittals and respond with who they thought was best.  Congratulations go to Briley whose very creative production really NAILEDIT.  Briley is a homeschooled, eighth grader who spends her time baking cookies, cakes, muffins and new recipes. She also loves to read and write and is currently writing a chapter book series with one of her friends about sisters who have a bakery. Nailed it

Black History Month – The month of February is recognized as Black History Month. In celebration the Jackson Parish Library will feature books available for check out on prominent individuals and events that have helped change the course of history. 

Learn about the COVID-19 vaccine – Do you have questions concerning the COVID-19 vaccine? Ms. Jeanette White from the Office of Public Health will be available at the Jonesboro branch by appointment only every Monday and Thursday at 1:00pm to answer any questions you may have and provide information. To secure an appointment either call 318-259-6601, send fax to 318-259-1146 or send email to:

Pine Belt Multi-Purpose representative on hand every Wednesday – Client Service Manager TyAnne Williams will be available by appointment only at the Jonesboro branch every Wednesday from 9:00am – 12:00pm to provide help with Unemployment Application Assistance, SNAP Benefits Application, Medicaid/Medicare Enrollment, Social Security Benefits Application and Social Security Card Applications. Information on Financial Counseling Courses, Commodities Distribution and Senior Food Boxes will also be provided. To secure an appointment please call 318-259-6444.

SNAP Program assistance – Ms. Jerlissa Elzy, who is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Outreach Coordinator is available for assistance with Food Stamp Applications and Redeterminaton as well as helping with a simplified report by calling 318-237-7764 or 318-322-3567.

Children programs 

Art Classes are once again being offered at both the Jonesboro and Chatham branches. To register please come by the Jonesboro Branch and speak with Terrye Shackleford or contact her by phone at 318-259-5697.  Class will be held from 4:00 to 5:00pm on select Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at the Jonesboro Branch and on select Monday’s at the Chatham Branch. For exact dates see below:

February 4th, 9th, 11th, 16th and 18th: Jonesboro Branch
February 8th & 22nd: Chatham Branch 

“Grab and Go” program where art work supplies and instructions can be picked up at the Jonesboro Branch and taken home is also still available for those who are registered. 

Enrollment in the Reading Eggs and Math Seeds program has begun. If you would like to enroll your child please contact: Terrye Shackleford at 318-269-5697. Please be prepared to provide a cell phone number that can be used for a text to be received that will contain your child’s username and password for the program. Please note that this program is NOT HELD AT THE LIBRARY but is for use at home. As a requirement you must have internet service at your home to participate. Your child can work on an iPad, Laptop, Computer or Kindle of any kind. There is no cost to participate. 

Homework Louisiana – Powered by and found at this online service is very beneficial in providing assistance with school studies for students of all ages.   

Outreach Services

Monthly personalized delivery of books, audiobooks, magazines and more are available to residents of Jackson Parish, including Nursing Home residents and in-home daycares.

Additional Services and Resources

Binge Box – Checkout multiple movies for one week that counts as only one checkout. 

Vox Books  (Books that talk) – The first audio books that live in print books. The attached VOX Reader transforms an ordinary print book into an all-in-one read along. No need for computers, tablets or CD’s. Simply push a button to listen and read. 

Flipster – An easy to use resource for viewing best selling digital magazines. 

Freegal Music – Service that provides access to virtually every song ever recorded in over 100 countries. Includes catalog of legendary artists and over 40,000 music videos. 

Chilton Automotive Guide – A must for those do-it-yourself auto repair projects. Provides detailed sketches and instructions on virtually every repair job and new parts installation for all makes and models of automobiles. 

PrinterOn – Printing can be done from your Smartphone or Tablets through this free app by sending an email along with attachments to: or

Fax and copy services: Available at both branches. Pricing dependent on size. 

Jonesboro Branch information:

Address: 614 South Polk Avenue
Phone: 318-259-5697
Fax: 318-259-3374
Hours of operation: Monday – Friday (8:00am – 5:30pm), Saturday (8:00am – 12:00pm)

Chatham Branch information:

Address: 1500 Pine Street
Phone: 318-249-2980
Fax: 318-249-2981
Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday (8:30am – 6:00pm), Friday & Saturday (8:30am-12:30pm)

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